Sunday, September 16, 2007

Seven Stars of Hinduism

Do you know the fundamental beliefs of Hinduism? Can you explain the core beliefs of Hinduism to your friends in a succinct fashion?

Seven Stars of Hinduism by Dileep Thatte will help you with both. It received great reviews at the Youth Conference in Chicago.

Seven Stars of Hinduism© is an interactive, informative and enjoyable discussion of Hinduism. Originally written for the youth grown up outside of India, it has significant appeal for adults who are not serious students of religion but would want to know or revisit the core beliefs.

The session, which involves a power point presentation , now also available in a book form, will present the fundamentals of the Hindu Religion (Hinduism). At the end of the session, every one would be well versed in the core beliefs of Hinduism and be able to explain those beliefs to their friends and colleagues. This program is presented in English.

Comments from attendees of the past programs:

“Interesting, informative and easy to understand”
“Great speaker, enthusiastic, well informed and fun”
“Mnemonic device to remember points”
“Well organized, well put and easy to understand”
"That was the best, most understandable presentation I have ever seen on Hinduism"

The program is designed for adults and youth over 15.

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